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Heavenly Roast Coffee Store

Stainless Steel, Airtight Coffee Storage Canister

64 oz. coffee and food storage canister.

Stainless construction locks out light,

and patented lid actively removes and locks out air to preserve and protect

freshness and flavor.

$28.99 HRC-046s

We send you freshly roasted coffee in sealed, dark bags, which keep it fresh. Once you open the coffee it is exposed to light and air, both of which rapidly reduce its freshness. After months of research and testing, we found what we believe to be the best coffee canister available, especially designed to lock out both air and light to keep your Heavenly Roast Coffee as fresh it is the day it arrives.

Most food storage canisters are “Airtight”, which means they lock air in with the contents. This canister forces the freshness-destroying air out of the canister, extending the life of your coffee, tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, herbs, nuts, pet food or any perishable goods, to keep what’s good today, good tomorrow too!

The secret to this canister’s success is a two-lid system. The inner lid has a patented one-way valve that forces air away from the coffee as you push it against the coffee and lock it. As you push this inner lid down, it makes a fun “swooshing” noise, so you can actually hear it working. The outer lid is clear; it allows you to see how much is left in the container. Both lids are BPA-free.

The canister itself is designed of durable, 18/8 guage, restaurant-grade stainless steel with an enamel paint finish, making it easy to clean, and resistant to staining, odor retention, and taste transfer.

We recommend hand washing only.

The coffee canister measures 4.5” in diameter and 7” in height. It hold approximately one pound of dry coffee.

It is available in two colors: brushed steel and obsidian.

These canisters make great gifts to coffee lovers.