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Lucky's Market

Lucky’s Market is proud to work with local food producers, bringing you fresher, healthier food. Lucky’s began carrying Heavenly Roast Coffee in the Gainesville store, just a few blocks from the Heavenly Roast Coffee office (and only a few miles from their shop in Ocala). Now Lucky’s is pleased to offer Heavenly Roast Coffee in more Florida stores, bringing this gourmet, sharing-certified coffee (similar to Fair Trade coffee but better) to more Florida residents.

Heavenly Roast Coffee is a superior gourmet coffee that is ethically responsible at reasonable prices. Heavenly Roast Coffee is procured through a ‘Sharing Certified Program’. This is a system of fair trade where profit sharing is utilized to offset the lopsided distribution of capital between the green coffee producers in lesser developed countries and the distributors/marketers in more economically developed countries. Audited by an independent third party, incentives and rewards are utilized rather than subsidies, with the focus of improving the lives of workers, ensuring both economic and agricultural sustainability, protecting the environment, and continuously improving the quality of the coffee. (This system is superior to the “fair trade” system because there is no middleman.)

We offer four roasts in the Lucky’s stores: our Seraphim Signature Blend (Colombian, Brazilian and Guatemalan coffees), our Cherubim 100% Colombian Roast, our Thrones Cuban Roast, and our Dominions Brazilian Majesty Roast.

You can buy Heavenly Roast Coffee in these Lucky’s stores:

- Gainesville, FL

- Orlando, FL

- Naples, FL

- Plantation, FL

- Oakland Park, FL

- Coral Springs, FL

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