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Heavenly Roast Coffee: Our Story

Heavenly Roast Coffee was born as the result of a chance meeting that led us to a gentleman who owns coffee farms in Brazil and Colombia. We talked with the farm owner about the Collegium and our hopes to find a way to subsidize the college to make it affordable. He suggested that coffee might serve this purpose well and that he would be happy to mentor us. Our company was born.

Then, we needed to name our new child. “Heavenly Roast” is something of a play on the term “Heavenly Host,” which refers to the multitude of angels that serve as the patrons of the Collegium sanctorum angelorum (College of the Holy Angels). But there is more to the imagery. The angels are divided into nine ranks or leagues. The Seraphim are the highest rank. They are depicted in Scripture as having six wings. They are also often associated with fire, from the story of one Seraph cleansing the lips of the prophet Isaiah with a burning coal taken from the altar of God.

So, hoping not to diminish the heavenly nature of the imagery, it seemed that an angelic image for Heavenly Roast Coffee would be perfect. The angel ties Heavenly Roast Coffee to its mission of supporting the Collegium, and if angels can do wonders with fire - which we need to roast the coffee - what better image for our logo than an angel!

This resulted in our first and signature blend, Seraphim Blend. In fact, each of our gourmet coffees takes the name of the one of the leagues of Angels, a subtle reminder of our goal to give you coffee of a heavenly quality.

Going to back our farm owner in Brazil and Colombia, he has been a good friend and mentor. With his guidance we have produced an excellent line of gourmet coffees, and we have done so with the highest quality arabica coffee beans and with a farm system that is “sharing certified,” that is, the workers – critical members of our family – share in the profits of the farm through a system of incentives. (It is actually superior to the “fair trade” system because there is no middle man.)

You, our customers, are also valued members of the Heavenly Roast Coffee family. We want you to enjoy superior gourmet coffee at reasonable prices, and we guarantee that experience. Every purchase you make is fully guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.